Event Recorder

The Event Recorder System developed by Brigger & Associates logs changes in PLC digital conditions for future playback. It has been used over the years by many of our clients to help troubleshoot problems and monitor their PLC processes.

The following video describes the main features of the Event Recorder - how it is a great tool for not only troubleshooting but also to get a better understanding of your process.



The manuals for the Event Recorder are available for reading. These can be selected from the above menu.

The cost of the system is $2,490. It is delivered on a Compact Disc or USB flash drive with everything necessary to install the programs, including installation and user’s manuals. Included in the cost is 4 hours of phone support.

Note that Allen-Bradley’s RSLinx Classic OEM software is required for the Event Recorder System. This is NOT included in the above cost. It must be purchased from your local Allen-Bradley distributor for approximately $1,300. We can facilitate that purchase for you, at no extra cost.

For an additional cost, we can provide and install a complete system or assistance in installation and configuration outside of the 4 hours included in the base cost. Contact us to request a proposal for these services.