- Degasser

- Desulf

- Flux Additions

- Caster Spray Cooling



- Reactor

- Mixing

- Blending

- Centrifuge

- Spray Drier



- Packaging

- Cooking

- Clean in Place




- Die Cutting

- Banding

- Fluid Coolers

- Load Shedding

- Cooling Towers



PLC Programs


New Programs

We write and install PLC programs and develop associated SCADA screens for all of the major PLC and SCADA brands. We also provide continuing support following the installation. All of our programs are extensively documented so that you know what the program does and can maintain the program yourself, if you want.

We have developed PLC/HMI programs for many different industries and applications as shown to the right.


Existing Programs

In addition to developing new programs, we maintain programs that others have written. We troubleshoot hardware and program problems and make program modifications.


Engineering Support

For new projects we can provide PLC hardware bill of material and electrical drawings, as well as a functional description of the control to be provided by the PLC. With our partner contractors we can provide a turnkey service for the electrical control system.


How We Do It

As with any program, writing a PLC program requires more than just a knowledge of the programming language. It also requires a system for program development. Without a system, programs tend to be written in a "stream of consciousness" manner and are unstable and difficult to understand and modify.

Our system assures that our programs work as required - they do what they're supposed to do and don't do what they're not supposed to do. But, just as important, our system assures that the programs are easy to understand, easy to modify, and are well documented.