Event Recorder

The Event Recorder is a software system that logs and displays changes in the value of specified digital conditions in a PLC - events.

The Event Recorder has the following features:

1. You select the digital conditions to be monitored. They can be bits, such as alarms, digital inputs and outputs, operator commands, or any internal bits. They can also be any condition that has a digital result, such as when a tank level exceeds a certain value.

2. The digital conditions are monitored during each PLC scan. Even conditions that change in a single scan can be monitored. Therefore, unlike other systems, nothing is missed.

3. Captured events are stored in a PC database. The time that these stored events are retained is operator configurable.

4. Saved events are displayed with a user-friendly interface. Events are displayed for a specified date and time period. All events for that period can be displayed, or only operator specified events. And colors can be assigned to certain events.

The Event Recorder is a great troubleshooting tool. When something off-normal occurs, you can know the state of the monitored conditions leading up to that condition. We say that "the PLC knows what happened. Now you can too."

The Event Recorder can also be used to monitor your process. For example, you can monitor how long for a tank to fill or a temperature to be reached. You can then use this infomation for optimization.


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