PC Programs


What We Do

Brigger & Associates develops custom Windows based PC programs. These are programs that meet a specific need that cannot be easily met by standard off-the-shelf software. Or, as is often the case, the off-the-shelf software does much more than what is needed, resulting in unnecessary complexity and training.

We have developed such software for a wide variety of manufacturing plant needs of various sizes and complexities.

• Production scheduling and tracking

• Batch reports

• Display and log process data

• Alerting off-site personnel of off-normal conditions

• Interfacing between systems

• General database management


How We Do It

The key to the successful development of custom software is a thorough understanding of what the software is to do. Although this may seem obvious, the problem is in the details. Therefore, the first thing we do is to develop a Functional Description. This is a written report that describes all of the functions of the software, including the details. This report is based upon discussions with plant staff and any documentation provided by the plant. Because of our extensive experience working with manufacturing plants, we understand plant systems and culture and know the questions to ask.


Phased Development

Because our software solutions are custom, they can be developed in phases. This allows some features to be developed later. This is often desirable because those features may be better defined after using the software for a while. Or, as is often the case, additional features are not obvious until the software has been used for a while. In any event, you only pay for features you need when you need them.