Serving Our Clients Since 1986


Who We Are

Brigger & Associates develops, installs, and maintains software for factory automation and information management.

Formed in 1986, we have met the needs of manufacturing plants in a number of industries for a wide variety of applications.


Factory Automation

We develop computer programs for the programmable logic controllers (PLC's) used in factory automation. We have developed PLC programs for all of the major PLC systems: Allen-Bradley, General Electric, Modicon, Omron. These programs have ranged from the simple to the complex and have varied in size from very large to the not so large.

We also configure Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) programs that interface with the PLC's. We have configured systems of all the major vendors: Wonderware, Intellution's iFix, Allen-Bradley's RS View and Panelview.



We don't just develop new programs. We can also support your existing programs by troubleshooting problems and making necessary program modifications.



As a PLC systems age, its hardware becomes obsolete. If an obsolete module fails it is difficult, if not impossible, to replace it. To upgrade to a new system requires not just the new hardware. Programs that work on an older system will not run on the new system. Thus, the program will have to be converted.

The same is true with the associated operator terminals. For PC based SCADA systems, the SCADA software often will not run on a new PC. Thus, the SCADA software must also be upgraded and reconfigured.

We specialize in upgrading obsolete PLC and SCADA systems to current state of the art systems. We have done this for cases in which the original system and the upgraded system are from the same manufacturer or a different manufacturer. We have also upgraded systems in which the orginal control processor was not a PLC but some other computer controller.


Information Management

We develop custom Windows-based PC software. This is software that meets a unique need, a need that is not met by off-the-shelf software. We have developed custom software for a wide variety of needs - such as, data collection and analysis, tracking manufacturing work in progress, and interfacing with corporate servers to process recipe data, to name a few. We understand plant systems and cultures, assuring that our programs work well in a manufacturing environment.